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Bibliotherapy is a therapeutic practice that uses books to nurture personal growth, and improve mental health and wellbeing. The books used vary depending on the type of bibliotherapy, and clinical and non-clinical disciplines.

Here at Bibliotherapy Australia, our world-first Heart-Centred model combines stories and poems with the latest research in neuroscience and renowned psychology theories and practices researched over many years, to develop an understanding of bibliotherapy’s therapeutic intention and the techniques used to implement them. 

Heart-Centred Bibliotherapy

Heart-Centred Bibliotherapy is a wellbeing-focused practice that focuses on engaging and connecting the head and the heart, exploring the connection between our thoughts and emotions, habitual patterns and behaviour, and the often-unrecognised motivations behind them.

As the bibliotherapist brings the words alive, a platform is created allowing both cognitive understanding, and emotional responses to the stories to connect with the participant. This creates new levels of insight for the challenges being faced, and therefore potential for growth.

Each person engaging in bibliotherapy gains something different. Stories and poetry have a multitude of interpretations depending on our individual backgrounds, beliefs and preferences. Even our moods and emotions, as they ebb and flow on the currents of our daily lives; providing myriad ways to promote wellbeing.

Building Bibliotherapy Skills

At Bibliotherapy Australia we deliver training and education courses to a wide range of industry professionals in mental health, aged care, education, libraries and other health professionals in both community-based settings, as well as one-to-one small practices.

Our Building Bibliotherapy Skills course addresses both the ‘biblio’ and ‘therapy’ to deliver the knowledge to begin, or develop an existing bibliotherapy practice, and offers guidelines for selecting literary texts to use as a wellbeing resource.

Opening your heart and mind to the rewarding journey of wellness through literature, our courses provide you with Heart-Centred tools to implement into your own practice with confidence, in a supportive and compassionate environment.

Bibliotherapy Training Courses

2024:   Melbourne, May 29 – 31

2024:   Sydney to be advised

More nationwide dates announced soon.
Contact Bibliotherapy Australia if you would like to be notified.

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