Types of bibliotherapy

Prescriptive bibliotherapy is interchangeably used with the term ‘self-help’, where books are recommended for the purpose of supporting an individual with psychological issues. A self-help book is a cognitive behavioural therapy book with information on techniques for changing thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This model of bibliotherapy is used in clinical settings.

Books on Prescription model support the delivery of the self-help bibliotherapy approach as a community-driven service. It operates through partnerships between general practitioners and librarians. General practitioners recommend or ‘prescribe’ a book to a patient, usually from a recommended list. The patient then takes the book prescription to a local library to source and borrow the book.

Creative bibliotherapy involves imaginative literature (fiction, inspirational stories, poetry) being read aloud in a group by a trained facilitator, with group members joining in reading aloud if they wish, followed by discussion around meaning creation. Creative bibliotherapy aims to enrich life quality and life spirit though looking for the wisdom to be found in writing.


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